Music and sound design for arts of movement   

We create new music and sound for staging performances
We enable the development of your choreographic ideas with a connected creation process to the sound conception
We perform and improvise live music and sound for performance
We do sound consultancy and advising for projects


Music and sound design for dance studio

We adapt and re-arrange music and sound design to achieve your dance teaching goals
We create and improvise new music to develop the challenges of your students
We bring an own musical personality for your dance workshops
We perform and improvise live music and sound for your dance class and competitions


Tech development and research projects in the field of music and movement

We foster live interaction between movement and sound
We research for new sound production through movement capture with cutting-edge technology interfaces and resources
We develop new lines of knowledge and material for the field of sound and music for dance and dance education
We organize improvisation venues for dancers, musicians and tech developers to empower artists to experiment together