MTM are an artistic team integrated by musicians, music producers and sound tech developers passionate by arts of movement with a wide background in the field of music and sound for dance. We work with cutting-edge technology tools to deliver an optimal sound outcome.




Toni Costa

Toni Costa is a musician, composer and educator. He was trained in classical piano in the N. A. Rimski-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory, where he had his first contact with ballet. Upon returning to Spain, he extended his performing skills in flamenco, early music and modern styles. With a wide background in piano performance, he started to develop an intense job in dance schools and companies focusing on improvisation and performing for dance. He has worked both in USA and UK, getting involved in San Francisco Ballet, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Post:Ballet, Elmhurst Ballet School and Birmingham Royal Ballet. Toni also plays for contemporary dancers workshops such as Robert Dekkers, Cherryl Therrien, Rita Quaglia, Christophe Jeannotte, Catherine Bisson amongst others, so he is passionate for modern and contemporary dance techniques. He performs with George-Elie Octors for the Spanish premier of Dance Patterns comissioned by Rosas and Anne Therese de Keersmaeker.

He has composed and performed the music for different contemporary flamenco pieces of Aita Cia: Historia de un zapato and La danza de los dos pianos, using electronics and applying guitar techniques to piano playing. He has recently collaborated with filmmakers such as Rodrigo Cortés and award-wining Damien Chazelle, director of the motion picture La La Land. As a vocational educator, He is lecturer of dance and music in Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse (Paris) and ESMuC (Barcelona) and co-edited The Costume Party, a cd-book with instrumental music for the dance education of young children. Costa works as a dance class musician in Barcelona and he is currently a faculty member of International Ballet Stage (Spain), RAD Scuola Estiva (Italy) and he is the music director of Toscana Dance Hub in Florence Dance Festival (Italy).


Carlos Martorell

Carlos Martorell is an artist and media technician. He was trained a few years in classical formation and piano, but as a youngster he developed interest in experimental and electronic music languages. 

He is one half of Ensemble Topogràfic, a collective settled in Barcelona building up their pieces intertwining movement and sound. This project allowed Carlos to work and experiment with devices enabling movement to interact with sound in live sets. As Ensemble Topogràfic, they have released also sound albums of their performances: Ensemble Topogràfic (Cydonia/Boira Discos, 2014) and Llac (Memory No. 36 Recordings, 2017).

He also performs as Shoeg, an electronic music solo project. He has released three albums and a few EPs: Panorama (Boira Discos, 2014), Tanz (Boira Discos, 2015), nfo (Boira Discos, 2015) and Vaseline (Memory No. 36 Recordings, 2017). 

He has also worked as a composer for dance companies: El Octavo Día (La Taimada, 2016) and Spam (Núria Guiu, 2015).

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